Jerry Cauchi

Jerry Cauchi has over 25 years of in a variety of photographic styles. Jerry began his career as an assistant to a wedding photographer. Originally trained in the medium format, Jerry was one of the first photographers in Northern California to embrace digital imaging as a viable medium for wedding and portrait photography.

Jerry is a self-proclaimed geek. He’s been working with the Apple Macintosh since the 80s. He started test-driving digital cameras in the dark ages (the early 90s). The first digital cameras were a little disappointing but he knew that someday they would replace film. When Canon came out with the EOS 1D (2001) he knew he would never have the need to shoot film again.

Jerry has been involved with photography his entire adult life. He says he is rewarded daily by the privilege his clients give him by allowing him to photograph the most important moments of their lives whether it be personal or professional.

Jerry has over 2 decades of experience and has become a highly sought after photographer locally as well as internationally. He has been recognized as both a Certified Professional Photographer and a Photographic Craftsman by Professional Photographers of America.